About Kamoor

Our story

Kamoor Carpentry provides custom carpentry work, with an emphasis on creative solutions for non-standard needs, for private and commercial customers while maintaining the values of professionalism, service, quality and sustainability. The driving force behind the carpentry team is based on artistic and professional challenges, with an emphasis on maintaining a family and intimate atmosphere in the workshop.

Legacy in the Making

Kamoor’s vision comes from the desire to leave behind creations that can stand the test of time and inspire future generations. We believe in work processes that respect the artist, the material and the environment, and it shows in every detail of our work.


Kamoor’s legacy is based on values of professionalism, reliability and service, leading future generations by example.


Our team is resourceful, finding innovative solutions for extraordinary needs.


Best-quality, innovative machinery and progressive processes that help us create pieces that stand the test of time, without compromising.

About the workshop

Our workshop has the most innovative technological equipment

Robotic Painting

Painting is managed by a robotic painting machine, without human contact. The paint layers are UV and erosion resistant.

CNC Cutting

Aluminum and wood CNC cutting. A laser machine that cuts materials down to the micron. The machine is synchronized with digital files we get from interior designers and architects, and makes artisanal cuts on demand.

UV Glue

We use humidity and waterproof RU Glue to glue together the pieces in our workshop

Work Techniques

Advanced production techniques allow us to maintain the material’s quality and resilience, while promoting sustainability and preserving the environment.

Materials at the Heart of the Work

Wooden solutions, combined with raw materials of the highest quality such as iron, brass, concrete, glass and more. Special engravings are sometime hand-crafted in order to make the pieces unique. In addition, manual engraving is a millennia-old technique that sanctifies the intactness of the material and the qualities it possesses.

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