Innoviz Technologies

The Main Challenge

The Work

A designed reception desk including accessibility for the disabled, manufactured with CNC technology, combined from several different raw materials, Corian, metal-like epoxy paint carpentry. A patent wall in the central space is built in a three-dimensional way, combining different raw materials of wood, glass, lighting, and paint, a main reception desk, a Wall covering with the company logo in CNC, vaulted reception desk on the mezzanine.

Kamoor’s Touch

Innoviz Technologies is one of the leading autonomous vehicle safety development companies in the world. Its offices are spread over 5 floors, in a new building erected in the Rosh Ha’Ain industrial area. We were chosen to produce complex carpentry details that convey the technological vision and revolutionary innovation of autonomous vehicles. On each floor, there is an open space between the public spaces and the offices. At the entrance, there is a unique and complex patent wall that displays the company’s patents and inventions. the wall conveys the contribution of their importance in our society today.


Tidhar Construction Company Ltd


Goldberg Architects