Lemonade - Dubnov Tel Aviv

The Main Challenge

A historic building erected in the 1960s.
Redesigned and renovated about 2500 square meters spread over 5 floors.
The complexity of the project in creating unique offices and carpentry details that fill the various spaces in the project .

The Work

Behind the production of carpentry details is done with great thought in order to create a fit and integrity that combines the blending of hot and cold raw materials together. The carpentry details are perfectly designed and created a perfect atmosphere. The reception desk, the kitchens on each floor which are in an open space, Perry Standin libraries stand in the middle of the space and create partitions, tables and toilets.

Kamoor’s Touch

Since hundreds of people come into daily contact with carpentry items, we placed emphasis on the quality of the raw materials and in particular their resistance to abrasion over time.


Tidhar Construction Company LTD


Pninit Sharet Azulai