Penthouse in Beer Ya'akov

The Main Challenge

The Work

Wall covering in the entire wall of the central space of the house, which includes the front door up to the foyer of the rooms. Perforated partitions that dress in the foyer of the rooms. Study room, master bedroom, bathrooms, library, wardrobes. Decorative closet in the living room combined with a library.

Kamoor’s Touch

The penthouse has an open panoramic view of the sea line to the west and the mountains to the east. The apartment belongs to a couple with two children. The emphasis of the project was to give the public spaces full attention since the family spends most of their time there.
Our unique touch, in the production of the carpentry details, was expressed in the creation of an axis of functional layers that continue one after the other, connecting and opening the spaces from one view to the opposite.
The creation of air partitions between the family rooms, the study and leisure room, create a connection to the center of the house. The covering of the central wall that includes the front door creates a horizontal and continuous line, and the fusion of all the carpentry details together creates completeness and harmony.


Guy Aharonovitz


Ziv Kirchli