Rapid - Hightech Company

The Main Challenge

The Work

Reception desk, a combination of different materials that express heat and cold, a metal CNC logo with carpentry cladding. Decorative seating booths built of wood are scattered throughout the public spaces between the floors. custom-made Booths as seating areas, custom-made kitchens, a gym, lockers, a desk with a metal combination, Library in the entrance space.

Kamoor’s Touch

The offices of Rapid, the largest fintech company in Israel, occupy eight floors in the triangular Azrieli building in Tel Aviv.
Each floor has an area of about 1000 square meters and a roof terrace with an area of 3000 square meters that has been converted into a garden for rest and company activities.
We produced the carpentry details in quiet and pleasant design lines according to the changing needs of the company. The work areas were divided and between them, we created conversion corners of different styles, telephone booths, conference rooms, sitting pavilions, lounge corners, and kiosks. We made the kitchens from materials resistant to wear over time.


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